Bali, Where it all began - Helmer
Let’s take it back to where it started…
The aim of this post is to provide you with an insight into how the Helmer journey started.
Bali-Image-2 The inspiration and influence which cements the concepts behind the brand is our love of traveling. This has a heavy emphasis on the style of our bags, as we want to give you a bag that is convenient and practical but still luxury and effortlessly chic. We wanted to make the Helmer bag the ultimate travel companion. Bali-Image-4 Our love of Bali is where our inspiration first ignited. We were drawn to Bali by it’s beautiful scenery and traditional culture which is greatly influenced by their Hindu religion, which is very humbling and inspiring to see. They constantly analyze their lives which makes them extremely grateful and respectful for their culture and their surroundings. The Balinese always have wise words to spread and with each trip to Bali, we return feeling genuinely inspired both creatively and within our everyday lives. There is a facade of serenity in Bali which makes the island feel peaceful and magical. This creates a spiritual ambience which brings out your inner self. Bali-Image-3 We work extremely closely with amazingly talented artisans in Bali, which is where our bags are sourced and manufactured. This is our main producer Maftuh, who we converse with on a daily basis. Each Helmer bag is handmade with the utmost care and attention to every small detail. The Balinese are extremely creative and talented, they have an amazing sense of aesthetics which inspires our brand. The nature of our bags are created to ensure they are timeless pieces across each season, however we are continuing to innovate as we introduce new styles and colours with each collection. Bali-Image
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