Capri Vacation Report - Helmer
Your Helmer guide to Capri!

Capri is an island with the most breathtaking views and landscape located right off of the Sorrento Peninsula. The island is perfect for a romantic getaway, but if you don’t have long holidays then the island is perfect for that as well. The island has great shopping which makes the island perfect for a girl’s trip. The night life doesn’t get too loud or wild, but there is so much more the island has to offer, like it’s amazing food and nice beaches.
If you decide to take a trip to Capri then here are a few of the places you can stay:

Capri Palace – a gorgeous waterfront hotel on the Capri island with one of the best views. It’s only a ten minute walk to some of Capri’s amazing restaurants, but if you don’t feel like walking the hotel has one of the most talked about restaurants on the island, Il Roccio. The hotel also has a spa, as well as a rational weight loss program.

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Tiberio Palace Hotel – an elegant hotel located in the middle of Capri, with beautiful views of the island. Relax by the indoor/outdoor pool overlooking Capri or in one of the therapeutic showers, sauna, or steam room at the Tiberio Spa.

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J.K. Place – the sister hotel of Tiberio Palace. J.K. is located right next to the water and has beautiful pools looking out on the sea.You may relax at the spa with a private pool, workout in the fitness room or take a workout class. As well as offering fitness classes, they offer private hiking tours of beautiful Capri.

Punta Tragara – is one of the few hotels overlooking directly the famous Faraglioni rocks. This stunning hotel is perfect to unwind and splurge yourself by indulging a glass of Italian wine at their amazing bar, or one of their three restaurants, or with a glass of champagne in their sea-side pool. They also have a spa and workout room for you to enjoy.

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Capri offers some of the most amazing food for you to enjoy.
These are a few of our favourite restaurants for you to enjoy:

La Fontelani – our personal favourite is an amazing day restaurant and beach club. Relax and enjoy the sun with some food from their restaurant and a nice dip in the water. Their restaurant/ beach club is nestled on some rocks, creating natural pools to swim in and offers a great view of the Faraglioni rocks. You can access this gem either by boat or by trekking down a little path from Town.

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Monzu Restaurant Capri – a part of the Punta Tragara Hotel. This restaurant offers mediterranean food that literally captures the taste of the “sea and the sun” from their sea food to their ingredients. The restaurant is located on the panoramic terrace of the hotel and has gorgeous views of Capri.

De Gelsomina – a restaurant that is a part of the de Gelsomina hotel. This restaurant is perfect if you wish to enjoy the more rural part of Capri and want traditional island food. It is a poolside restaurant with scenic views of the sea.

Da Paolino Lemon Trees a very popular restaurant in the Capri located in the heart of this little town in a courtyard beneath lemon trees. Enjoy amazing country style Italian cuisine in this rustic chic restaurant. Great ambiance in the evening assured with a live band moving from table to table!

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Besides eating, Capri has many fun and beautiful things to see and do.
These are a few of our must see and do things in Capri:

Blue Grotta – an underground cave in Capri. Light shines through a sliver of the cave which illuminates the water. Take a small row boats inside to see this beautiful sight. Hourly small boat rental available at port.
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Rent a yacht – take a boat out for the day and see the beautiful land that is Capri from afar. There are plenty of boat rental places around Capri, so we definitely recommend you do this!

Drinks at La Piazzetta – It is one of the most famous plaza in the world and Capri’s most famous square called Piazza Umberto I. Tiny but be sure to see everyone in the island. Grab a glass of Bellini or Aperol Spritz at one of the terraces in the evening before dinner and enjoy the show! 
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Cathalei Capri – Make sure to visits this trendy multi-brand boutique in Capri that sells Helmer! Don’t leave the island before you go and threat yourself to a Helmer bag!!!
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