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Come and discover more about the Helmer world.

 Join us for a one-day retreat with an array of incredible magical and powerful women that have inspired us, nurtured us, and helped us grow spiritually. They are all top-notch teachers that have been teaching and hosting seminars and events world-wide, they are our Helmer muses and we have the pleasure of sharing their magic with you.

As the world has been taking a pause, we decided to continue our exploration within, as we no longer jump on planes to find new and wonderful places, so we decided to travel inside ourselves, to continue to explore and to grow, to actually seek answers to the question we all have “who am I?”.

Imagine a retreat at home, starting your day with the most beautiful & sensual Kundalini activation, (something I only discovered last year) to a healthy, nutritious & delicious lunch class to finish up with a cacao and trance dance ceremony, just to give you a little glance at what this day will be about, just get ready to travel to different dimensions within yourself. 

 We want to share with you this magical experience by asking you to donate a minimum of $40, that goes directly to Malaika, a school for girls in the Republic of Congo. You will get full access to all the LIVE classes, and receive the recordings of each of them in case you would not able to join a class, you will also receive a discount code of 20% on the Loungewear Collection on hel-mer.com



. Links to all the classes will be sent out 24hrs before. 

. Registration will close 24hrs before the retreat starts.


We ask for a minimum donation of $40 for the whole day retreat


Each class will have a different list of requirements, which will be sent our via email 1 week before the event. All the detailed information will be available on the facebook Helmer Virtual Retreat Page and on Instragram.

SCHEDULE (London-UTC time)

. 8.30am – 10.30am: Awakening the Sensual Goddess with Jitka

. 11am – 12pm : Cooking with Love with Sevim

. 12pm – 1pm : Lunch Break

. 1pm – 2pm : Kundalini Yoga and Breath Work with Trish 

. 2.30pm – 3.30pm : Sacred Rhythm Healing Ceremony with Regina

. 4pm – 5pm : PlaystormingTM with Daniela

. 5.30pm – 7.30pm : Shamanic Trance Dance with Zelia


Find more information about each class on our Facebook Helmer Virtual Retreat Page and our Instagram page: @helmerlifestyle


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