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As summer is happening literally right now and it’s all about rocking that bikini walk!
This week we choose to reveal our top 5 workout session! We like to mix things up, so choose 5 workouts that fun, different and really help you be beach body ready!

Exercising is important aspect to your life, as it helps maintain a healthy life style. It reduces stress, lifts your mood and helps you sleep better! Also by losing weight and strengthening your body, you will have more energy to take on life’s pressures and feel positive about yourself!

BXR Boxing

The first workout we recommend is sure to test your limits! BXR boxing in trendy Marylebone offers unique boxing classes that aim to give you a full body workout!

The Skills SWEAT sessions are highly intensive will burn calories, improve your fitness level strengthen your whole body. These cardio sessions can then be mixed with the strength and conditioning classes, to add more definition and tone to your body, so you feel confident and look amazing for the summer season!

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We think the Maxi Jojo is the classic bag to fit your all your workout gear and adds style to your outfit. Be sure to show it off at the Jo & Juice post workout while you socialise with friends!

Vita Pilates

Do you want your toned lean muscle to show this summer? Another great work out is The Vita Pilates! Using the reformer, small weights and elastics this hour routine will get you the result you want by building your inner strength and posture, making you look amazing for the beach!

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The Georgy bag is unique and trendy and will enhance your outfit while doing this class!

Paddle board yoga in London with Wake-up Docklands

Paddle board yoga is for the nature savvy and is a unique way to do yoga in the heart of urban London!

This class incorporates the peaceful teaching of yoga as well as physically challenging your body on a paddle board. The yoga aspect helps clear your mind and body of stress, leading to positive mentality in life. Yoga on the water is challenging, as you are able to focus and understand how to balance yourself and become aware of your body. The class builds up your core muscles giving you inner strength and is perfect for toning your stomach.

Our classic duffle bag is the essential bag for this activity!


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Psycle a cycling workout class, in the heart of the city and a great place workout with friends! Everyone one rides in sync along to upbeat music, which makes a super fun experience of exercising! You feel like you’re in a club, so there is no need to go out after! The instructors take you through climbs, sprints, jogs and up to high speed passes.

This allows you to understand your own abilities and work at a pace that suits you, yet push yourself to do better and create a body your proud of! The classes are also mixed, so drag your male partners along fun date!

Then after your workout grab a superfood smoothie from their Energy Kitchen! It cleanses your body and allows you to take on the world!

Accessorise your workout with the cross-body Adele PM Shopper. The bag is perfect to transition into the evening, as your already pumped up after this fun workout!

Aerial Slings

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The Aerial Sling workout is for those adventurous types, who want to try something new! You will be suspended in the air with the support of silk slings. This type of workout won’t even feel like a work! While it is helps improve posture and stability, as well as strengthening your core muscles!

Our classic Jojo tote is a practical on-trend piece which will be ideal for this activity!

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