How to Travel Lightly with Helmer - Helmer
We are providing you with some of our top tips which we find useful before we go on our travels!

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Packing lightly for the holidays is something a lot of people can struggle with; we want to help take the pressure off by offering some of our top packing tips which we find extremely helpful before we go off on our holidays and travels!

  1. Start packing in advance – at least a week before you leave; in order to avoid the last minute rush, the night before your flight causing you to forget important things!

  1. Plan your outfits – avoid taking extra clothes that you THINK you might need, unless it is a necessity, as you can use the space for something else! Planning outfits in advance also helps for outfit transitioning – what can you wear from day to night? With the help of accessories to dress it up or dress it down.

  1. Travel Bag– To travel with we definitely recommend the Maxi Jojo or Jojo bag as it is super light and will fit anything that may not fit into your case. It is also the PERFECT bag for the beach and as it comes with a clutch inside you are also sorted for your evenings – saving all the extra room in your suitcase.

  1. Check the amenities where you are staying – in order to avoid taking heavy, bulky items such as hairdryers or travel irons. If it’s not on their website, try contacting them directly.

  1. Put your shoes in first – Our shoes can often take up the most space, we advise putting them around the edges of your case before you put your clothes in.

  1. Taking a hat? Utilize the space inside – fill it with accessories, lingerie, socks.

  1. Be smart and practical when it comes to packing toiletries – use the products you know you will use and need. Again, check with your destination to check if they provide shampoo/conditioner/body wash. Avoid taking your whole make-up bag – less is more, especially when it comes to wearing make-up on holiday! Show off that glowing tan with less foundation. Better yet – consider buying your toiletries when you arrive – this way you also don’t have the chance of anything spilling or leaking onto your clothes.

  1. Books – a lot of people LOVE to read on holiday, it is so blissful and relaxing. Consider downloading some e-books on your tablet or smartphone. Imagine the weight and space you will save!

  1. Last but not least your HELMER bags! The Hippie and Erika Bucket bags are holiday favorites amongst ourselves and our customers. They are so versatile to wear from day-to-night, for the beach or to dinner and make any outfits ultra-chic! They are also compact and extremely light in weight! An added bonus.
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