Who are we?
We are a close knit family, mother and two daughters, who all share a passion for travelling and exploring new cultures… we are Shevanne, Michelle and Danielle Helmer. We spent the majority of our lives in France and this is where our hearts lie, but have since moved and now live across three countries. Despite living in different cities, we remain a united front with a singular vision for the Helmer brand.
When/How was the company set up?
The Helmer brand was founded as a result of a truly memorable trip to Bali. From its natural flora and fauna to its rich cultural traditions, the island captured our souls and the idea to create a handbag and accessory collection was born. Since then we have travelled the world finding inspiration for new designs and collections to continually stay ahead of the game. Our collections are presently crafted in Bali using local, family run artisans who have been creating handbags for generations. It is these skilled artisans who are the foundation of the business and in turn who we have committed to promote and help their businesses grow successfully. Our collection focuses on simple yet exquisite pieces offering a variety of colours using exotic skins and traditional Batik material.
What’s the inspiration behind the company?
Our passion for travel and the constant search for cultural originality is the cornerstone for creating our handbag and accessory collections. We understand the need to offer a perfect balance between style, functionality, practicality and with a fashionable insight into the different cultural backgrounds. With travel in mind, our handbags and accessories can accompany you on your own travels whether that be across seas, over mountains or simply around the corner. In keeping with our respect for the culture and traditions of Bali, and also the world in which we live, we endeavour to follow the guidelines and the international treaties established to protect the wildlife and its environment. Our snakeskin products are CITES certified (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) which does not threaten their survival or existence.



We support The Safe Childhood Foundation by helping to raise funds for their work in combating crimes against children in developing countries.

We made the decision and commitment to ‘give back’ to the community in which we live and work, and have incorporated this goal into our business philosophy. As we use the island of Bali with its local artisans, we wanted to be associated with a local charity based there. After researching we came across The Safe Childhoods Foundation, a charity to protect and support ‘at-risk’ children in developing countries, primarily Indonesia. We were so moved by the work, goals and aspirations of the charity that we agreed to contribute to their cause. Our commitment is to donate £1 for every item sold on our website .

To find out more about ‘The Safe Childhoods Foundation, please visit their website at www.safechildhoods.org.

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