Our Story - Helmer
Who We Are

The Helmer Woman dreams and loves to travel, she’s a multi-tasker, practical and likes understated luxury. She is strong, and the perfect balance of elegance and timelessness mixed with modern and cool. Our vision at Helmer is to meet her multiple needs as she transitions from day to night, and work to play, whilst creating a world of beauty, connection and cultural appreciation and understanding…

We are a close-knit family, a mother and her two daughters, Shevanne, Michelle and Danielle Helmer, who all share a passion for travelling, exploring new cultures and beautiful things. The Helmer journey began over 5 years ago as the brainchild of an organic and synergetic collaboration on our first trip to Bali where we fell in love with the island and its people.

From our multi-cultural heritage that spans Norway, Jamaica, America and France, the fusion of our family’s backgrounds is dynamic and inspiring, and a strong foundation to the brand.

Our designs

At Helmer we are inspired by the beauty of nature, a passion for travel and a sense of wanderlust; the constant search of cultural novelty and authenticity is the cornerstone for creating a handbag, accessory and lifestyle collection that embraces craftsmanship, whilst offering a perfect balance between style, functionality, practicality and a fashionable insight into various cultures.


An essential part of Helmer is the collaboration with other artists and cultures to create beautiful things. For early 2020 we are going back to our African roots through the use of traditional African cloth and techniques with a modern twist in our African Collection, and a collaboration with Moroccan artist Mimouni El Houssaine, whose hand painted abstract designs will grace a limited edition of handbags is our first collaboration of the year, which we are launching in connection with the 1-54 Art Fair in Marrakech.

Our ethos

Our exquisite collections are carefully handcrafted by local, family-run artisans who have been creating beautiful things for generations. These artisans are the foundation of the Helmer business and we are committed to promoting and helping our partners’ businesses to grow successfully, through providing skills, education and training to our partners. Philanthropy, sustainability and responsible luxury have always been at the core of Helmer, and a true commitment to “give back” to the communities in which we live and work is the cornerstone of the Helmer ethos.

We regard ourselves as cultural intermediaries bringing beautiful and unique pieces to our customers from our travels around the world.
Shevanne, Danielle and Michelle Helmer