Product Care - Helmer
Please note that snakeskin handbags, shoes and accessories require special care.

Python skin is well known for richness in color and texture but also for its suppleness and strength at the same time. Well-cared python skin will not only prolong the life of the item but will also become greater as the piece ages.

All snakeskins are treated with different dyes to obtain different effects and colours. With some finishes the dye will not be sealed with a ‘shiny film’, instead treatment of the skin will result in a more natural, raw or muted look. We advice to not wear snake skin handbags, shoes or accessories in bad weather or dirty terrain as they may be subject to dye runs, staining and water damage, as some snake finishes are not weather proof. Also avoid exposing your handbag to direct sunlight as much as possible as UV light is especially unhealthy for snakeskin. It may cause the skin to dry out, turn yellow and the scales to lift.

It is important to note that snakeskin scales are also prone to ‘lifting’ as they are fine scales of natural variation, texture and grain. Thus we recommend that the best way to care for treated snakeskin is to wipe any surface dirt using a damp cloth in the direction of the scales. Then, brush off any embedded dirt with a soft bristled brush being careful not to lift the scales. Finally, condition your snakeskin with an exotic leather conditioner (Lanolin based is best) specifically for exotic skins by applying a thin coat with a soft lint free cloth, in grain of scales.

Protect your snakeskin handbags, shoes and accessories with an application of silicone water repellant. This helps to maintain their original look and prevents drying out.